About Us


What We Do

At BEST our comprehensive set of services for employers is designed to free you to refocus on growing your business. Leave the burdens and regulations of being an employer to the experts at BEST.

Established in 1992, we provide services as a professional employer organization (PEO), administrative services organization (AS0) and human resources outsourcing organization (HRO).

We are a second generation family run business focusing on enlightening employers.

Licensed yearly with audited financial and proof of sufficient working capital. Financially, we are one of the strongest companies in our industry with zero debt.


Companies that partner with us become “Enlightened Employers".

They are stronger, grow faster and keep their biggest asset, their employees, happy and content. Our representative can provide you a copy of this publication. 

A set of studies done by McBassi have shown, that companies who utilize our type of services experience:


9% higher growth rate

24-33% lower employee turnover

200% higher participation in retirement plans

50% lower failure rates

21% savings on employee administration costs