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As an entrepreneur your wearing multiple hats and have a lot on your plate. Concentrate on growing your business and allow BEST to handle your administrative burdens. Services like ours have been proven to cut in half the failure of businesses. For the same amount that you would pay for basic payroll services and related accounting we can provide our full suite of services.

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Small Business

Most large organizations have a full HR department – payroll specialists, benefit administrators, workers’ compensation experts, etc. As a small business, hiring one or more employees to handle your employee administration needs is not a realistic option. Even hiring one or two additional staff members can be costly and there’s always the chance one is out sick or even worse, quits without a replacement trained. Yet your still an employer and should maximize your employees to gain a competitive advantage and reduce your risks. 

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Mid-Size Business

There’s a lot involved with having employees – payroll, benefit administration, workers’ compensation, unemployment claims management and employee relations. Often in a midsize company there’s one Human Resource employee on staff or a manager responsible for all these duties. So what happens when that HR employee or manager calls in sick, goes on vacation, or leaves to work elsewhere? Do you have a backup plan?

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As a large company, you likely already have a Human Resource team. BEST partners with your existing team so they can focus on strategic HR items and let BEST handle areas they don't want to or don't have the bandwidth for. In addition BEST can be a consultative sounding board for idea and insight with our experienced staff. 

BEST can customize a solution that works for you.

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