Client Advantages


Save Time

Many small and medium-size companies use multiple sources to provide their payroll, benefits, and other Human Resource (HR) functions. This practice of outsourcing on a piece-by-piece basis takes a great deal of time. With BEST as your employment partner, we will develop a strategic solution to consolidate and manage your payroll, government compliance issues, workers’ compensation, risk management, HR and benefit packages.

You no longer need to provide audits for workers’ compensation, retirement plans, Section 125 plans and payroll taxes. BEST manages workers’ compensation and unemployment claims, various government filings, garnishments, employment verifications, benefit issues, employee termination issues, payroll, tax filings, and bank reconciliation.

With BEST on your side, you and your staff are free to concentrate on building your business, while leaving the business of employment to us.

Stay in Compliance

Employment law changes frequently and as a business owner it may be difficult to operate your business and also stay on top of changing laws and regulations. BEST ensures your company is informed and in compliance on employment laws and regulations including benefit related laws, 401k compliance, and other general employment legislation.

In addition, BEST provides a team of experts available to consult with your managers to make sure employee relations issues, payroll issues, and benefit issues are handled properly. BEST manages your employee files and employee handbook to ensure you are always in compliance.

Reduce Risk

You assume substantial risk the moment you hire your first employee.

As your partner, BEST not only shares responsibility with you, we also share the liability for your employment risks. We handle worksite safety concerns, fair labor practice issues, COBRA compliance, FMLA administration, immigration reform and control and many other work-related issues.

In addition, we work proactively with you and your workforce to ensure a safer working environment and reduce fraudulent workers’ compensation and unemployment claims.

When offering retirement plans, generally the employer takes on fiduciary responsibility. When partnering with BEST and offering employees our 401k plan, we take on the fiduciary liability as the 401k trustee. We take care of annual audits, testing, etc. that is required for retirement plans.

Attract and Retain Employees

A happy employee is a productive employee. Although wages are very important to employees, wages without a comprehensive benefit package will cause employees to look elsewhere. Managers and owners may spend precious time advertising, interviewing, hiring and training new employees, but the turnover rate will not decrease unless the employer recognizes the essential value of employee benefits.

BEST has the expertise and resources to customize Fortune 500-type benefit programs for companies of all sizes. BEST recognizes the need for continuous training for employees. We offer training via in person seminars and online courses in a variety of subject areas. As a result, you’re able to compete for quality workers and reduce employee turnover!

In addition, BEST acts as a third party to help resolve HR disputes and resolve employee issues keeping a great work environment for your employees.

Save Money

By partnering with BEST, the financial benefits for your company are immeasurable. Not only are you saving money by reducing the time you are spending on employment related items, you also can see a savings in turnover reduction, benefit savings, and workers’ compensation rates. Increase profits by reducing overhead without a negative effect on employee morale but utilizing our cost saving services.

Make Informed Decisions

BEST eliminates the uncertainty from your employment cost structure by providing reporting which shows your true cost per employee including workers’ compensation, benefits, employer taxes, HR administration, payroll costs, etc. This true cost reporting allows you to accurately plan for everyday cash flow, staffing requirements, and capital spending initiatives – while sharpening your competitive edge!