As a large company, you likely already have a Human Resource team handling the day to day HR responsibilities. BEST partners with your existing HR department to assist with employee relations and ensure compliance. We act as an added resource for your team to call on when employee issues arise.

By partnering with BEST, we will:

Supplement your company’s HR areas: Our services can be customized based on the needs of your business.

Be available for employee complaints and concerns: As a third party separated from day to day company politics we can provide an objective point of view when employee complaints such as harassment or discrimination are reported.

Integrate with your existing systems from an IT perspective: If you are satisfied with your existing systems, BEST can build integrations to allow you to continue using what works for you.

Provide detailed analytical reports: We can provide you with reports showing total cost by employee, total cost by job, self-funded benefit plan data, and many other customizable reporting options.

Work with your existing plans and policies or help you implement new ones: We offer the flexibility to administer your current plans and policies or to help you find and implement new plans if you are unhappy with your current ones.

Assist with mergers and acquisitions: Our HR team can help you from due diligence through the M & A process to create a smooth transition for all employees involved.

In addition, companies of all sizes experience:

An assigned representative as your main point of contact who can answer your questions or direct you to the person who can answer your question. We are not a call center – you work with the same representative (or small group of representatives) every time you call BEST.

Multiple means of communication: we are available to you in person or via phone, fax, email, or live chat. It’s never an issue to reach our representatives during business hours.

Available access to hundreds of online and in person training courses in various content areas.

Increased participation in retirement plans: PEOs have been proven to double the employee participation in an employer sponsored retirement plan.

Reduced employee turnover: PEO services have proven to decrease turnover by up to 33%.