Human Resource Management


The burden of employment regulations has grown exponentially in the past century; human resource management tasks are often cumbersome and quite costly if not done correctly. When you partner with BEST, your company is able to save valuable time and resources by leaving regulation, compliance and employee grievances to us!

At BEST, we stay informed on employment regulations. This allows us to not only ensure that our clients are in compliance now, but are also prepared for changes coming in the future.

One of the greatest advantages of partnering with BEST is that as a third party, we are able to objectively address employee grievances, providing an additional level of guidance before a situation becomes legally actionable.

From compliance and regulation assistance to managing personnel forms, BEST is at your side.

Our full range of human resource management services includes:

  • Conduct employee orientations
  • Develop customized employee handbook and personnel forms
  • Conduct supervisory training on hiring, disciplinary and termination procedures
  • Personnel file maintenance even after termination of employment
  • Fulfill employment verification requests from government and third parties
  • DOL, OSHA, INS, ADA, FMLA, Title VII, EEOC, etc. oversight
  • Employee access to training courses in a variety of subject areas through in person seminars or online webcasts
  • Affordable employment practices liability insurance that covers you and your employees
  • Employee new hire government reporting
  • Provide insight on labor laws and termination practices
  • Assistance with disciplinary actions and investigations
  • Assist in terminations and lay-offs
  • Respond to employee inquiries and help resolve issues before they become a crisis