Mid-Size Business

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There’s a lot involved with having employees – payroll, benefit administration, workers’ compensation, unemployment claims management and employee relations. Often in a midsize company there’s one Human Resource employee on staff or a manager responsible for all these duties. So what happens when that HR employee or manager calls in sick, goes on vacation, or leaves to work elsewhere? Do you have a backup in place? Partnering with BEST provides you the backup you need.

Let us handle your day-to-day needs in payroll & tax administration, benefit administration, human resource management, unemployment management, and workers’ compensation and let your HR employee and/or manager(s) focus on the strategic and operational areas to help your business grow.

By partnering with BEST, we will:

Ensure compliance with employment legislation affecting your business: Affordable Care Act, FMLA, FLSA, ADA, Title VII, etc.

Provide assistance with employee relations: Our HR team is available for employees to express concerns that they don’t feel comfortable talking to their direct supervisor about such as harassment, discrimination, or other miscellaneous concerns.

Assist with disciplinary actions and terminations: Your managers can call us to discuss current employee situations and we will help to make sure you avoid potential liability in the future in the form of an unemployment claim and/or lawsuit.

Manage unemployment claims: From the time of termination, through the unemployment appeals process, and into an unemployment hearing (if necessary) BEST takes care of the claim from beginning to end to attempt to keep your unemployment tax rate as low as possible to avoid extra costs.

Help you retain employees, increase morale and reduce turnover by offering a selection of benefit programs such as medical, dental, 401k, flexible spending accounts, life, long term disability, etc.

In addition, companies of all sizes experience:

An assigned representative as your main point of contact who can answer your questions or direct you to the person who can answer your question. We are not a call center – you work with the same representative (or small group of representatives) every time you call BEST.

Multiple means of communication: we are available to you in person or via phone, fax, email, or live chat. It’s never an issue to reach our representatives during business hours.

Available access to hundreds of online and in person training courses in various content areas.

Increased participation in retirement plans: PEOs have been proven to double the employee participation in an employer sponsored retirement plan.

Reduced employee turnover: PEO services have proven to decrease turnover by up to 33%.