Payroll & Taxes Administration

With BEST’s payroll and tax administration services, you have direct access to an educated representative who is dedicated to you and your company. Many payroll providers treat you like a number, rent you payroll software, make you do the work, and when you need help make you wait in line for an unknown person to answer your call. 

    When you choose BEST as your payroll and tax administration partner, we take the time to get to know you and your company. We don’t rent you software or make you do the data entry.

    Many providers require you to be responsible for:

    • Employees entry and updates
    • Garnishment/Friend of the Court entry and response
    • I-9/W4/Local tax entry and updates
    • Overtime determination rules
    • Paid time off administration
    • W2 box requirements (e.g., reporting employer paid medical premiums)

    We DO the above not you and the following:

    • Calculate and process payroll including salaried, hourly, overtime, double time, tips, piece pay, commissions, fringe benefits, certified payrolls, etc.

    • Calculate, process and remit deductions, advances, employee tax levies, support orders, etc.
    • Calculate, process and remit SUTA, FUTA, FICA, federal, state and local payroll taxes
    • Make electronic deposits and file reports for all taxing authorities including 940, 941, etc.

    • Bank reconciliation of payroll, checks and direct deposits posted from our accounts or yours
    • Direct deposits with electronic check stub delivery
    • Issue W-2’s to employees and federal, state and local authorities
    • Maintain vacation, sick, and personal time accruals and tracking

    • Free payroll ATM and debit card

    • Provide reports that show true cost of an employee including workers’ compensation, health, 401k, unemployment, fringe benefits, etc.