Payroll & Taxes

With BEST’s payroll and tax administration services, you have direct access to an educated representative who is dedicated to you and your company. Most other payroll providers treat you like a number, rent you payroll software, make you do the work, and when you need help make you wait in line for an unknown person to answer your call.

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Employee Benefits

BEST becomes your full service benefit department handling retirement plans (401k), flexible spending accounts, medical, dental, life, disability, supplemental insurance, etc. Our staff continuously stays informed and educated on regulations to ensure that your company is within compliance and use our economies of scale to find the best value in the marketplace.

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Human Resources

The burden of employment regulations has grown exponentially in the past century; human resource management tasks are often cumbersome and quite costly if not done properly. When you partner with BEST, your company is able to save valuable time and resources by leaving regulation, compliance and employee grievances to us!

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Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance, required for most employees, is another form of tax that the employer controls. Properly managed, it can be a competitive advantage to an employer. Improperly managed, it can, and has, forced companies out of business. BEST’s expertise and economies of scale can help manage and contain these costs.

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The amount of unemployment tax you pay is under your control. Properly managed, unemployment risk management can reduce your tax burden to under a hundred dollars an employee per year. Poorly managed, it can skyrocket to over ten times that amount. BEST has processes and programs in place to help you keep that number as low as possible. In many cases this service alone pays for all our services.

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Employee Training

Smart companies have realized that employee training, not just for new hires but continual development, leads to sustained workplace success for the employee and, in turn, the company.

Such training is normally expensive and many small businesses assume it’s only feasible for large companies. With this in mind, BEST has partnered with a nationally recognized training organization to offer you some excellent value in employee training.

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