Unemployment Management

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The amount of unemployment tax you pay is really under your control. Properly managed unemployment risk can reduce your tax burden to under a hundred dollars an employee per year, but if poorly managed it can skyrocket to over ten times that amount. BEST has processes and programs in place to help you keep your unemployment tax as low as possible. In many cases, this service alone pays for all our services.

Without a constant eye on managing your unemployment rate risk, an employer can find themselves at a severe economic disadvantage.  With BEST you get an expert unemployment risk management team that works to keep your rates down.

What we do and how we can keep your tax rates low:

  • We start by getting involved well before an employee is terminated to make sure proper documentation is created.
  • When a termination does occur, we make sure that the proper procedures are followed to limit unemployment exposure (among other liabilities).
  • When an unemployment claim is filed, we respond within a very short deadline (usually 10 days from mailing) with a strong case.
  • Correspondence continues with the unemployment agency a number of times, and usually needs multiple reminders and phone calls with them in most states.
  • We ensure that unemployment claims are only paid for legitimate claims and fight them all the way to court hearings and beyond.
  • We provide the expertise and the right attorneys, if allowed by the state, during hearings.
  • Many state unemployment agencies are understaffed, with cases that are not determined on time and tax rates are often incorrect.  When tax rates are released, we validate them, and protest rates that we believe are incorrect.