Workers' Compensation Administration


Workers’ compensation insurance, required for most employees, is another form of tax that the employer controls. Properly managed, it can be a competitive advantage to an employer.  Improperly managed it can, and has, forced companies out of business.  BEST’s expertise and economies of scale can help manage and contain these costs.

Through our safety inspections, recommendations and comprehensive assistance, BEST focuses on preventing and limiting workers’ compensation claims. If a claim does occur, we follow up with the employee, treating facility, claims adjuster and accident site to ensure proper claims management for the both the company and the employee.

Our full range of workers' compensation services includes:

  • A-Rated fully-insured workers’ compensation coverage

  • Safety inspections and recommendations

  • Background checks and drug screenings

  • Workers‘ compensation certificates for you and your clients

  • Workers‘ compensation claim follow-up
  • Fraudulent claims investigation

  • Workers’ compensation yearly audit

  • Return to work programs

  • Site safety evaluations and safety training

  • OSHA required logs